About sarah & susan

Introducing the co-owners of Glow Skincare and Spa, Sarah Franklin and Susan Lorenc.

Having been born and raised right here in the North Country, these sisters have a true love for all that the area has to offer. After leaving Canton for several years to attend college and pursue their careers, the girls returned home to raise their children and give them the same small town experiences and education that they were fortunate enough to have had growing up. Sarah is a Licensed Real Estate Agent currently working locally for Pat Collins Real Estate, and Susan is working right here at Glow Skincare and Spa as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Together with their business and day spa knowledge, Sarah and Susan will continue to carry on Carmen's mission of providing a unique combination of services that will improve health and wellness in the North Country and beyond. By building personal relationships with their clients in an elegant and relaxing atmosphere, they strive for Glow Skincare and Spa to be a place where wellness, comfort, knowledge and superior service create a completely rejuvenating experience.

Co-Owners Sarah Franklin & Susan Lorenc