Carrie Woodcock
Personal Trainer and Life Coach


What is Life Coaching? Defining Life Coaching is akin to defining life. Life Coaching is a holistic approach to wellness that assists clients in identifying and realizing their goals, dreams, and aspirations by making them more self-aware and by developing their hidden and Life Coaching incorporates many different concepts such as self-actualization, growth, courage, interpersonal skills, insight, optimism, perseverance, and finding purpose. By looking in depth at your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being, Life Coaching will help you to not just endure and survive your daily life, but to flourish as well.

About Carrie.....

I am Carrie Woodcock, owner of Total Transformation. I grew up in the North Country and I believe very strongly in supporting and encouraging the growth and development of our community. We all have something unique to give, and I have come to realize it is our responsibility to leave our mark and make a difference in the way that is real to each of us. I believe it is my purpose to guide others and help them achieve physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. My own experiences and my desire to inspire others have motivated me to become a Personal Trainer and Life Coach, and to create Total Transformation.


Glow Skincare and Spa and Total Transformation's mission is to provide a unique combination of services that will improve health and wellness in the North Country.

Total Transformation offers Life Coaching and Personal Training and incorporates concepts such as self-actualization, growth, courage, interpersonal skills, insight, perseverance, and finding purpose to assist clients in setting attainable and realistic goals that will contribute to their overall well-being.


What are the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer?  

A Personal Trainer will:

  • Assist you in setting and achieving realistic fitness goals

  • Assist you in developing and implementing a safe, effective, and appropriate  exercise program

  • Teach you correct exercise methods and progressions through demonstration, explanation, and proper cueing and spotting techniques

  • Empower you to begin and adhere to your exercise program through guidance, support, motivation, lapseprevention strategies and effective feedback

  • Educate you about health related topics to help you adopt healthful behaviors that facilitate exercise program success.


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