Life Coaching

Total Transformation

What is Life Coaching?
Defining Life Coaching is akin to 
defining life. Life Coaching is a holistic approach to wellness that assists clients in identifying and realizing their goals, dreams, and aspirations by making them more self-aware and by developing their hidden and Life Coaching incorporates many different concepts such as self-actualization, growth, courage, interpersonal skills, insight, optimism, perseverance, and finding purpose. By looking in depth at your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well-being, Life Coaching will help you to not just endure and survive your daily life, but to flourish as well.

Life Coaching Packages

Initial Evaluation
All packages begin with an initial evaluation in which we will determine the most effective approach for your individual needs. Since you as an individual are unique, your sessions will also be unique. We will determine goals and methods that will effectively help you to work towards your personal growth and reach your potential.

Question & Answer Session $50
Are you considering Life Coaching but still have more questions? This questions and answer session will explain in depth what Life Coaching entails and how it will positively affect your life.

One Month Package $250

Certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer

I am Carrie Woodcock, owner of Total Transformation.  Throughout my journey I have come to believe that because we are mutlifaceted beings, it makes sense to take a holistic approach to health and wellness. My own life experiences and my desire to inspire others have motivated me to become a Personal Trainer and Life Coach, and to open Total Transformation here at Glow Skincare and Spa.