Personal Training

Total Transformation

CARRIE Woodcock
Certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer

I am Carrie Woodcock, owner of Total Transformation.  Throughout my journey I have come to believe that because we are mutlifaceted beings, it makes sense to take a holistic approach to health and wellness. My own life experiences and my desire to inspire others have motivated me to become a Personal Trainer and Life Coach, and to open Total Transformation here at Glow SKincare and Spa.

What are the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer?  

Personal Trainer will:

  • Assist you in setting and achieving realistic fitness goals

  • Assist you in developing and implementing a safe, effective, and appropriate  exercise program

  • Teach you correct exercise methods and progressions through demonstration, explanation, and proper cueing and spotting techniques

  • Empower you to begin and adhere to your exercise program through guidance, support, motivation, lapseprevention strategies and effective feedback

  • Educate you about health related topics to help you adopt healthful behaviors that facilitate exercise program success.

Personal Training Packages

Question & Answer Session - Are you considering seeking support with implementing your exercise program? This question and answer session will help you determine if this step is right for you. We will cover all of the benefits you will receive from working with a trainer, and discuss in detail all of the services that will be available to you.

Getting Started Package  $150
Are you ready to implement an exercise program but unsure of where to begin? Together we will determine an individualized program that is best suited to your individual needs. This package includes an initial consultation and a thorough walk through of the exercise program that we design to help you accomplish your goals.  It also includes a 30 Minute HydroMassage.

Four Week Personal Training Package   $250
Are you not only ready to implement a customized exercise program into your life, but also looking for additional monitoring to be sure that you are on the right track? Together we will design and implement an individualized exercise program specific to you. We will continue to monitor your progress for four weeks to ensure that you form sustainable habits that will guide you to lasting change.  It also includes a 60 Minutes of HydroMassage.

Maintenance Package  $100
This is a three month maintenance package to help you stay on track after your personal training package has ended..  This package consists of weekly weigh-in's, weekly measurements and advice in modifying your program when you reach a plateau.  

Buddy Discount - $50 DISCOUNT
One of the best ways to ensure success when you are implementing a fitness routine is to find a workout buddy! All personal training packages will receive a $50 discount if you sign up with a buddy.  Having a workout buddy has many benefits such as additional motivation, support and accountability.  Find a workout buddy and take advantage of this additional discount today!